Cooks Hill Preschool is a community based early childhood education service that is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and happy place for children to play, explore and learn. Through our two year preschool program we nurture children to become confident and inspired learners, who show care and respect for themselves and the world around them.

  • We believe in play based learning. We encourage children to engage by extending on their ideas, curiosity and interests; to foster a love of learning. We recognise that each child has individual abilities.
  • We believe in collaborative partnerships with families. We encourage family engagement and respectful communication.
  • We believe in building positive relationships within preschool and the wider community. We respect and acknowledge equality and diversity through our actions and our program.
  • We believe in a sustainable future. We support mindful discussion and practices, with a collaborative hands on approach. This includes recycling, energy and water wise awareness, caring for our garden and the creatures that co-exist with us.

            Philosophy Updated: MAY 2018